Group Diving

Scuba Diving Groups & Clubs
If you run a dive club or are looking to arrange a holiday for a group of friends, talk to us today. With great experience arranging successful dive holidays we are specialized in high value group packages and can offer travel arrangements, accommodation and free spaces for tour leaders.

You’re the group; we make it up in personal service.
You can be sure to get the best assistance from our specialized and dedicated team: booking for a group is managed directly by the owners, allowing you to process the procedure regularly and efficiently, from start to end. You don’t have to worry about changing names and details, or asking particular requests of individual participants: we are proud to be considered the most flexible to meet your needs.

The more, the less.
Our group offers are incomparable on the supply side, related to the services you will have. When you involve only 6 other divers, for us you are already a group worthy of reserved conditions. If you get 10 more than you, you can dive and lodge at the Profondo Blu Resort for free. Ask for our standard offers for groups or request a custom quotation.

Groups, not bulks.
The first image that comes to mind when it comes to groups of divers who travel and dive together, is a dinghy full of equipment and tubes crowded with people with wetsuits dangling outboard. Many smiles but little living space! Our boats have a specific number of seats, indicated by the accommodation for the cylinder that are distributed in such a way as to adequately share the spaces. For us, having 10 individual divers or 10 divers belonging to a pre-constituted group, makes no difference: every diver receives the attention and care that we always know to reserve for individual guests on board. The same applies to the conduct of groups underwater: we provide the necessary guides according to the level of experience and certification of divers.

In a group, from the airport to the bottom of the sea
We were not just talking about the underwater logistics: our assistance on booking and organization of the holiday is at your disposal from the moment of departure of the group until the return: thanks to the collaboration with our travel partner PMO TRAVEL we can offer you solutions and alternatives for your trip (flights, transfers and sea connections) and your stay and create a unique package trip. This way you will not have to provide multiple advance payments and ticket purchases. We can also provide for the collection and shipment of dive luggage by courier, to lighten your trip and find on your arrival at the diving equipment ready to be placed in the boxes.

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