Profondo Blu Diving Team

Profondo Blu Diving Team
Meet the professionals at your service

Dive Management
Tatiana and Danilo: Since 2019, we are the new owners and managers of the dive business of the Profondo Blu. As expert dive operators we specifically carry out the dive activities, arrange the dive services and in charge of customer service and boat maintenance, as well as the dive crew’s leaders. We are Sicilians, from Palermo (Tatiana is native Finnish) and started our own dive business in 1994 in our youth in Palermo city, Linosa island and Ustica Island both in recreational and commercial diving. Our aim is to take forward the great reputation of Profondo Blu relating to scuba tourism by improving up-to-date services and original experiences.

Accommodation Management
Ann & Paolo are the owners of the Profondo Blu Resort and the previous owners of the Profondo Blu Diving. They visited Ustica by pure chance in 1985 and since 2000 living permanently on the island. Ann, originally from Belgium, also speaks Italian, French and English fluently – Paolo born in Turin (northern Italy) speaks fluent English and French. After thousands of dive in the seven seas and other more only in Ustica island, they are now focus on the accommodation management at their resort in order to offer the best for those who chose Profondo Blu for their Scuba Holiday, with great expertise and knowledge specifically for divers’ needs.

The Captain of The Boat   
The only “original” form Ustica, Gioacchino is the best captain the Profondo Blu Diving Boat could have. Getting on in years but still energetic and resourceful, he is  great connoisseur of the sea of Ustica, the reference point for its crew and the divers, expert in boat manoeuvre and a reliable assistant on board.

The Crew: Dive Guides & Instructors
They are the centrepiece of the team, those who carry out the unforgettable dive adventures for our guests, and….the youngest of us all! Although they have the hard job, they also have the best part of it, as they live the dive experiences on the front line. Usually they are two foreign instructors, speaking English and French, supported by extra Italian dive guides in high season. Some are single-season co-operators, other may stay for more years, but they all are selected based on professionalism and passion for scuba diving with the aim to share their knowledge and care with our guests. And they soon get into the Profondo Blu Inspiration with us!