Travel Assistance

Profondo Blu Travel Assistance
Keep Calm, We can take care of it!

Whether you need to have your whole trip arranged as a full package or get some good advice in doing it by yourself, just ask, we can take care of it.


Book Your Dive Package
You got it all and this is the last step of your travel plan: choose your dive package, adventure experience or equipment rental on our ONLINE SHOP. Book through our booking form or contact us for any further details.

Profondo Blu Diving & Resort Formula 
Go through our booking form and ask for availability: period, chosen holiday formula, etc. We will provide for a tailor-made package including dive activities and accommodation, as well as extra useful travel info if needed.

Full Package
Don’t you want to set it up? We can do it for you. We provide professional tour operator services for you to build your whole journey: flights, transfers, sea connections, accommodation and diving. Contact us and require your full package. Our T.O. partner will provide an all-inclusive quotation and you can start your holiday from the moment you planned it!