Family Adventures

Family Holiday Adventures
Home in Motion
For families expecting more from a dive vacation: education, safety personalized service and fun for each traveling family member.

What You Can Do
Together or apart?! You may all want to share the same experience or rather do different things at the same time. Well, at Profondo Blu both choices are possible. We offer Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Experiences - but how do they fit for a family? Here some suggested options you can take into account to plan your scuba & snorkelling vacation with us.

Snorkelling Tours - If you have already travelled with your family on a scuba vacation and not all members are scuba divers, you probably ended up into that scene where one or two of you were enjoying scuba diving and the rest just had to wait on the boat. The answer they usually get when asking “What can we do, meanwhile?” is sunbathing or snorkelling. While we won’t exactly account Sunbathing as an Adventure (although, we have a comfortable boat for guests who would love that!), we definitely won’t consider Snorkelling a second choice activity. We arrange guided snorkelling tours with specific itineraries leaded by a qualified guide, exactly as guided scuba dive excursions are selected and planned. As a Family, this can be done together, whether you are all scuba divers or not. But as dive spots can match with the snorkelling spots, you can also take advantage of it and split into different activities by sharing your experiences when you meet again on the boat.

Scuba Experiences - If you are all scuba divers, well nothing easier than diving together! But what if you have different levels of experience, certification or age? Who will have to sacrifice?! We will do our best to avoid that. Groups on board are divided by levels so you can split into separate groups while diving in the same spot. Or if it’s essential for you to dive all together (because that is the purpose of your family vacation) you get a dive guide for your family, or an extra dive guide as an expert buddy for the less experienced or youngest diver of the family.

Scuba Training - And here again: is it the first time for all of you? Nothing more unforgettable and exciting to share your first breath underwater and learn to dive together, at the same level! The PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program will offer you the chance to try it and get a hint of what it is about scuba diving and decide onsite to enrol into a PADI Open Water Diver course, to get your first scuba certification. If then this is not exactly your case, because some of you are already certified and others not, no need to specify you can all sign up for a scuba training course according to the level of each: Open Water, Advanced OWD or Speciality courses are available and can be run simultaneously or lightly staggered.

How We Arrange It 
At Sea - Whether you choose for a snorkelling tour, a guided dive or a course, together or apart, we will make it in a way for you to stay together as a family. The Profondo Blu Diving Boat is specifically designed for divers and guests on board, to stay for few hours up to half day at sea. Facilities on board make it comfortable to enjoy your experiences… or to wait for! Excursions are scheduled multiple times a day and you can decide to go for one or more, to stay on board longer or to get off earlier. Timetables are set weekly and activities are planned daily.
On Land - The Profondo Blu Resort is equally designed and arranged to spend time together and share common spaces without feeling tight. You lodge in family apartments with separate bed rooms and have areas for relaxation or chill together, kitchen to cook by yourselves or catering service available to enjoy dinner with local food at your place. A shuttle service is available for the guests of the resort to join the boat trips and come back. If you still have energy and time, we can put you in touch with a local guide for land tours on the island, by foot or by bike. 

Let’s Plan It Together!
As you have learned, we have different options and are flexible to create a tailor-made holiday you. Let us know about your preferences and we will set up the package with accommodation and excursions. If you also need travel assistance (flights and sea connections) do not hesitate to ask, we can provide a tour Operator service for you.

Budget Friendly Packages
Our tailor-made services and arrangements won’t cost you extra. It is our own philosophy to provide, as far as we can,  for facilities according to our guests demands, and not the other way around. Therefore we do not have pre-set packages to which to adapt to get a good price. As we see it, family travelling are of great value, and we also understand they can get very expensive to afford.  A good planning will enable us to grant a fair price.