Solo Dive Traveller

Solo Dive Traveller
Independence in Motion
The reason why you prefer to travel alone is none of our business, but what we know for sure is that there are pros and cons. Our aim is to enhance the benefits and to reduce the downsides. No worry, you don't have to miss out on all the fun, or pay twice the price. As well as experiencing some superb scuba diving, you are sure to meet like-minded divers and make friends for life. As we don't offer liveaboards you can choose to stay at your own pace whenever you want.

What You Can Do
Scuba diving and snorkelling are based on a buddy system, and become better adventures when shared with others. The great thing of travelling alone is that you can share experiences at their best with others – and divers are good fellows to stay with! – And then choose to stay at your own pace whenever you desire.

At Profondo Blu we offer Scuba Diving excursions, courses and Snorkelling tours - choose your favourite and book now.  So what’s the point of this dedicated page?! It is our own philosophy to provide, as far as we can, for facilities according to our guests demands, and not the other way around. So here just some hints for you to get an idea on how your scuba vacation with us as a solo traveller may look like.

Our Arrangements
At Sea - The Profondo Blu Diving Boat is specifically designed for divers and guests on board, to stay for few hours up to half day at sea. Facilities on board make it comfortable to enjoy your experiences with others or choose a corner to chill on your own.  Excursions are scheduled multiple times a day and you can decide to go for one or more, to stay on board longer or to get off earlier. Timetables are set weekly and activities are planned daily.
On Land - The Profondo Blu Resort is equally designed and arranged to have your own space or to share common spaces with other divers, whenever you feel to. Apartments are basely for couples or families, but you can get the best from a single-use apartment. It has a kitchen where to cook by yourself or catering service available to enjoy dinner with local food at your place. A shuttle service is available for the guests of the resort to join the boat trips and come back. If you’re confident with motorcycling you could also rent a scooter. If you’re low on budget or prefer to save money to spend on scuba diving, we can provide a cheaper accommodation out of the resort, but you are always welcome to spend time in the resort with your new dive buddies. After diving, if you still have energy and time, you can join the land tours on the island arranged by local guides, by foot or by bike.