Discover the unconventional diving with Profondo Blu

Discover the unconventional diving with Profondo Blu

Acclaimed as the “The Black Pearl Of The Mediterranean” Ustica  is a volcanic island which offers gorgeous scuba diving and snorkelling adventures. As a Marine Protect Area it is an underwater paradise and the quintessence of Mediterranean beauty.

Moreover, you will discover the reasons why your scuba holiday with Profondo Blu Diving gets original and unique. Ustica has to offer lot more than you would expect and we wish to unveil the features we ourselves discovered in decades of living and working on the island as professional divers.

Are you ready for the plunge? Choose your adventure now!

The Essentials of Diving in Ustica - Classic Experiences for skilled and certified divers
Whether Ustica Island is a new or a familiar destination for you, it stays a must-see target as a scuba dive location in the Mediterranean. As a scuba diver, you can spend a day, a weekend or a week holiday and never get bored: each dive gives a different excitement and dive sites are numerous around the island.

Unconventional Scuba Experiences - Go For New Adventures and Improve Your Skills
Why would you settle for the minimum? Expand your horizons and go for new adventures with an expert by your side. Your guided dives will be transformed in much more interesting and compelling experiences and you will go back home with something new.

 Marine Life Experience - Discover the Underwater Species and Environment of Ustica
Are you a naturalist passionate, a sea lover or have a natural curiosity towards underwater creatures? Focus your dives on fish identification and environment observation. Our crew is also made of expert guides of local flora and fauna, as well as biologist and entitled naturalist, who can lead you through exiting tours while monitoring the marine species.

Cavern Experience - Discover the Underwater Caves of Ustica
Some of us divers just love to stick into underwater holes to discover new sceneries and admire odd fauna species. Most dive sites in Ustica Island are distinguished by a sea cave, at different depths and of various width and size. We have specialized cavern dive guides who can lead you safely to discover this amazing environment. 

Enriched Scuba Experiences - Get a Scuba Certification on Vacation
Many of us dream of getting a scuba certification in a sun-kissed destination. It makes sense: If you are going to spend days, even weeks, learning to dive, why not see some cool stuff in the process. If you landed here, you already got your first step by choosing Ustica as your destination for it. That is great! So now, choose the best scuba certification program for you, whether you are a beginner and willing to advance your scuba performance, or an expert looking for new adventures.

Discover Scuba Diving - Let Ustica be Your First-love Spot of Breathing Underwater
Have you always wondered what it is like to breathe underwater? If you want to try scuba diving, but are not quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, the Discover Scuba Diving Experience Program is for you.

Snorkelling Sea-watching Tours - Discover the Underwater Treasures of Ustica from the surface.
Not a diver? Do not give up discovering the underwater world, try snorkelling. You do not need to be a scuba diver to encounter aquatic life. Take part to our snorkelling excursions guided by our marine biologist & naturalist.